• Family operated small business

    My wife and I are the heart and soul of Catnapweb. We also have some awesome coworkers and partners who helps us deliver certain specific outputs (e.g. logo designs, prints, animations, 3D objects or video processing).

  • Experience and qualifications

    I just love to learn new things and from time to time, I let a renowned organisation assess my skills. Knowledge and certifications from the broader IT management area help me deliver better results in every project.

  • Just us - no other project managers

    The main difference in comparison to other “digital agencies” is the fact that I communicate with all clients personally and we do not use any project managers who would manage the project delivery. Learn more below.

Finding a reliable supplier for your digital projects is definitely not an easy task. I have been in the industry since it originated and have seen so many projects failing. And despite there are different types of customers, I have to admit that the supplier has his main share on the project failure. We at Catnapweb are trying to learn from all experience gained over the past 10+ years and deliver outputs in such quality and timing that clients love to work with us.

The Catnaweb Difference

There are two main things that distinguish us from the rest. Firstly, we do our own research in all areas we deliver. Secondly, our processes are streamlined and the key knowledge stays within the project as the owners are leading it.


Always on time project delivery

Personally Involved and On Time

We will be managing the project and performing the majority of tasks on it. Thanks to this, all the knowledge that inspired you when talking sales will be applied within the project delivery. Plus, all projects are delivered on time.


Always on time project delivery

Top-Notch Research

Being a researcher and practitioner, I am always discovering and testing latest knowledge. Thanks to this, we have access to world class knowledge that has been verified and works. Check out some of the research papers and books I have authored or co-authored.


Why Our Approach Is So Different: Personal Involvement

We do not think that we know much more than other companies. Surely, they do have skilled people, otherwise they would not survive. But how does the project process look in a typical company? Let’s have a look at it from the beginning.

Project Flow: A Typical Digital Agency / Consultancy Business

An inspiring Company Representative

Firstly, there is a pre-sales and sales part of the process. You get in touch with someone from the company, if it is a small to medium business, it is typically the CEO. You can meet him at a conference, see his videos, references or just some articles. When you meet, you are impressed and inspired, because he has great ideas for your business. So, you agree to do a project together.

A Project Manager / Project Team

Next, after signing the contract, this person comes to his office and handles the project over to his team. It typically consists of a project manager (or account) and some people delivering the solutions (e.g. designers, developers, SEO or PPC experts, video team etc.). You, as the customer, suddenly need to get in touch with a completely different person. And here is the most important catch: You loved the knowledge and personality of the CEO and here represented his company in your eyes. But this new person, project manager, is completely different. He can be skilled but he has a different approach, he is busy with other projects, he may not see the bigger picture and you might find yourself explaining things to him that were already clear at the beginning. And this happens because parts of the initial message are lost in the process by delegating the project tasks to other people.

Handover and Service

Before the project is finished, you might request a meeting with the CEO again to try getting the project back on track. Maybe he finds time, gives you more great ideas, tries to improve things in the project, but his time is always limited. The project does not meet all your expectations and lacks behind its potential. You are not as happy with your choice as you were at the beginning. If the CEO would be with the project through all its phases, the outputs would be better and it would mean more for your business. And then, the project is launched and if it is a website, you are getting into the service phase. This can last months and years, and what typically happens is you get a different person to take care of you. It is just because the project manager needs to handle more new clients and focuses on development projects. So, you stick with the support team. They might be skilled as well, but again, it is just another person and he is even more distant from the initial idea of the project than the project manager was.

How It Looks When You Work with Us

At Catnapweb, it is me who you are dealing with all the time. If you like my skills, references, ideas, expertise or responsiveness, you will not lose any of these during the project:

  • I will be with you discussing the ideas
  • I will be the one communicating with you throughout the project
  • I will be even the one developing your website, creating solutions, implementing SEO, and creating PPC campaigns

Does it sound unbelievable? It is true, because we do not want to grow big. We do not want to have a lot of people in our team, because this is what I was doing the last 8 years. I worked in a bigger company, managed teams of sales, marketing, project managers and developers to deliver different sized software development and creative projects to our customers. I was at the beginning of all projects and often I had to explain the clients in the middle or at the end, why the outputs did not meet all expectations and everything we discussed and promised at the beginning.

Now I want to have only that number of customers I can handle myself. You might think it is not ambitious enough. Well, I had it all: Big team, large projects, huge contracts, and hundreds of customers. But were they happy customers? This time, I will make sure that everyone who deals with us is satisfied and will be happy to recommend us to his friends. And yes, I mentioned we are a family business, so the other person you might encounter, is my wife Petra. And that is it. Only me, all the time, and her occasionally. No other people to deal with. Anything we might need help with, we handle internally and I am personally reviewing all the work done.

Have a look at projects we have done and my experience and qualifications and if you like it, just get in touch with me to discuss our future project.

Work with us and experience how the web design and digital marketing tools can help your business expand.


Our Research

I have published more than 170 publications with the contemporary research in the two areas I am practising: Knowledge Management and Search-Centric Marketing. This is only a list of selected publications (please ask us about details or more of them):

Journal Articles:

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The Story Behind the Catnapweb Brand

You might think why we selected Catnapweb as the brand for our consultancy business in digital marketing. What does catnapping have to do with web design, SEO, PPC or Facebook? The main idea is that we want to take the stress and responsibility off your shoulders and handle the project that way so you do not have to fulfil many tasks and deliver tonnes of inputs. So while we are working, you can relax (or even better, focus on your own business). And if you take a small catnap, we will finish the work even before you wake up. OK, you got me, I am exaggerating now. We don’t want to be too fast and lack on quality. But the true is, we are much faster than other companies delivering similar outputs.

And, there is something more behind our brand, which you mind find interesting. It is a funny story from our travels. My wife Petka and I have been travelling a lot and love to fly. Petka was collecting the eyepatches she received in the aeroplane from time to time. And we called them catnaps. Yes, we thought that the name of the eyepatch is a catnap. Somebody had to tell us and we believed him. A few years later, we explained something to our Australian friend and she was laughing. It came out that catnap is not really a catnap, but anyway, the thing is still used to have the catnap. We thought it is so funny that it could be actually the name of our small consulting business. With this, the Catnap came to life and we added “web” to the end just to have some connection to what we really do. Because everything we do is based on a good working website. Whether you do like the first part of the story or the latter one, we will be happy to touch base with you. So drop us a few lines about your needs or anything else and let’s discuss together!

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We'd love to hear from you

Let me know if I can help you in any way. Ask me anything that is not clear to you or is just currently on your mind. I will be glad to hear from. Also I am more than happy to offer you free expert advice or just reply to your answer. Also please feel free to post us any comment or suggestion.

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