Is Facebook Marketing for Me?

Facebook is by far the most popular social network. Also, it is very good to spread the word about your brand and build closer relationships with your target group. It is known that the most important benefit for businesses working with Facebook is interaction. Facebook is a platform to make new connections, get feedback from your customers and other people interested in your brand, discuss future product innovations before they are initiated or just chat with people who like you.

We often face the question: Do we really need Facebook? Is Facebook for us? Also, our clients are worried about their reputation. Some of them might say: Everybody can so easily comment on Facebook and I am afraid that they will only complain there.

Well, it is true that Facebook is a way direct more channel to your brand than your website. However, it is only you who are managing your corporate profile and respond to people’s comments. Sometimes I show this funny and very inspiring video to my clients worrying about their reputation on Facebook. You might like it as well…

This video can be a great inspiration for people who are afraid of using Facebook for their business. How to handle people that are complaining and share negative sentiment about your brand in comments? Watch how Bodyform’s CEO responded to a man complaining that their product fails to deliver promised outcomes.

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

Facebook Advertising

Anyway, there are a few tools you can use on Facebook to promote your business. You can even use Facebook without having a Facebook page. How is that possible? You may have noticed Facebook shows also advertisements when browsing different posts. Some of them are displayed based on a Pay Per Click system that is very similar to that one of Google. (LINK TO PPC). You can create an add and pay for it to be displayed to people that belong to your target group. Facebook has a very efficient demographic targeting and you can define the region, age, interests or financial situation of people you want to see your advert.

Facebook Page

If you are not as afraid to have your Facebook page as some clients are, you should surely create one. We can assist you with putting it live and managing it. There is a whole science behind efficient publication on Facebook. In fact, there are many studies on what to publish, how to publish, when to publish it and how to respond to the comments and initiate interaction. We know these things and are happy to help you. However, you can manage your profile yourself as well and ask us for advice or guidance only. To reach the full potential of Facebook, surely you need to understand what the people there expect and how to meet their expectations. Firstly, let’s start with the reason people come to Facebook. It is to connect, have fun and relax. It is not to buy products (predominantly) or research information on future purchases. Thus, the communication of businesses needs to reflect this. Also, think of what you are publishing. You can easily test it yourself. Try publishing different types of content and measure reactions of your respondents. One of the elementary rules is: Publish when the people are there and are likely to respond. DO not publish posts in the early morning, or Friday night when people like to go out. Before they get back to Facebook, your post will be covered by dozens of others publishing in a better time. Also, do not think that your fans are ready to consume your content on Monday morning just because you just came to work. Try different things, measure the impact and learn from it yourself.

Promote Successful Posts

And when you have your own page, it is very good to promote your posts. It is called also boosting a post: Once your post is successful, it means it has a potential to get more likes and comments if boosted. It simply means assigning some budget to it and Facebook lets your post to be seen by more people (more of your fans, friends of your fans and deeper into the structure). You can boost your posts manually by selecting the “Promote” button. However, if you want to do it more efficiently, you can use an automation tool for it as well. It can save your time, and not only the time you spent boosting the post and measuring the impact, but more importantly, it helps you select the best posts to be promoted.

Why is this important? If you select a good post (there are several criteria for it, but in general, let’s say it is the one that has a good organic reach itself), you get much more from boosting it. Boosting is more efficient and the people that see this post are more likely to respond. Thus, you create a lot more buzz for the same money compared to boosting an average or poor performance post. You can learn more about automating your post boosting in this advice article

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