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Knowledge has become the most important asset of so many organisations. Do you have processes in place that support knowledge creation, use and retention? Do you know your key knowledge workers? Do you actively support knowledge conversion? If you answered no to any of these questions and would like to know more, click the button below.

Our Knowledge

Our extensive research and experience with knowledge management implementation has led to defining parameters or areas of the project where our approach and methodology is completely unique.

Capability Maturity

Our unique methodology will help us determine the stage of knowledge management implementation in your organisation. We will be able to create a strategy for future improvement and implement it. Having controls in place will enable us to measure the progress, resolve emerging issues and enhance the effectiveness of the whole knowledge management adoption process.

Implementation Barriers

Our research on implementation barriers in different industries has revealed why knowledge management projects do not progress as expected. We not only know the roots of the problems but have solutions at hand. Let us help your organisation overcome these barriers and reach the full potential of knowledge management implementation.

Efficient use of knowledge
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Consultation Methodology

The whole process of enabling your organisation fully utilise the potential knowledge management consists of 5 simple steps. There is a lot of proprietary knowledge behind them, however, all good things need to be simple to understand and implement. Therefore, we do share the basic steps of the methodology with you and are happy to explain it in more detail.


For the project to succeed, several requirements need to be fulfilled. Most importantly, the continuous support and engagement of top management needs to be guaranteed. There are many things that can be done without them but the lack of management commitment often causes these projects to fail or not deliver up to their potential.

Knowing the Value

As with any project, you will want to know what value does the project bring. To calculate ROI, you might want to consider (and quantify) positive impact of knowledge management implementation project on your business. There are many quantifiable benefits including direct time savings, fault reduction, increase in quality, better decisions (decreased business risks), growing value of the organisation.

Competitive advantage thanks to knowledge management

Get Started

It may seem a bit abstract before you emerge yourself into it a bit more. Maybe start with booking a free consultation with us to discuss your situation before you decide what to do next. We are happy to assist you and be part of this journey that has already transformed so many businesses. Get in touch with us today!

Five-Step Implementation Process

Thanks to this unique process, we will be able to increase the efficiency of knowledge generation and application across your organisation. Click on individual icons to learn more about each step.

1. Key knowledge areas

Define the key knowledge workers, define / identify key knowledge areas (KNAs) + knowledge topics

2. Explicit knowledge

Identify existing explicit knowledge (knowledge repositories, current information assets), structured/unstructured, organise it and map it to key knowledge areas, business implications of current processes

3. Gap analyses

Identify KNAs with insufficient coverage, topics uncovered with each KNA, map knowledge of knowledge workers to KNAs, roadmap of activities

4. Knowledge capture and conversion

Gain tacit knowledge from each knowledge worker for all KNAs (possibly adjust them) + convert to explicit knowledge

5. Knowledge management adoption

Creating, nurturing and sustaining knowledge culture, rules for adoption, monitoring, implementing incentives for long-term participation
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