Pay Per Click – Effective Advertising

You need to get your brand on top of search results and not only when you are really into digital marketing. If you prefer offline and do fair trades, shows, displays, expos, personal presentations, meetings or print/other media advertising, you need to be visible in search engines. It is because search connects offline and online world. It is search people do when seeing your advert, it is search people do when they forgot your brand name and even it helps them when they want to return to your website later or from another device. Read more about the importance of having top positions in search results in this advice article.

To display on the top of search results, you can start with PPC. It is a paid form of advertising which gets you to top of Google within minutes from starting the campaign. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it means that you are paying to Google in the moment the visitor clicks on your advertisement and enters your website.

How Does It Work? PPC Project Outline

  1. We start a project together, define goals, initial budget, timeframe, and check points
  2. There might be some changes necessary in your web design to optimise the landing pages
  3. We define the keywords, create ads and allocate the budget to the ads
  4. We monitor the performance and adjust the ads or other settings as needed
  5. We evaluate the outcomes of the project, price per click, price per conversion/lead after e.g. first two weeks
  6. We make adjustments and set the next checkpoint, we might also initiate A/B testing to get more conversions
  7. We monitor the campaign, at the checkpoint we evaluate and possibly add cost per sales to the discussed metrics
  8. We decide if and how to proceed with the campaign long-term and add SEO performance to the discussion points here as well.

What You Need to Know about PPC

  • It is efficient

    For 90% of business, PPC is efficient and can run long-term.

  • It is flexible

    In a few minutes after creating the campaign, you start getting visitors to your website. You can make corrections and changes on the go.

  • It is measurable

    As (almost) all digital marketing tools, PPC comes with detailed stats and you will know exactly what you are getting for the money, what is the conversion rate (and what is your cost of sale though).

  • Your looks

    You (or we together) determine how the advertisement looks. It has a heading, message, and link and only we influence the looks of it (Google approves ads though).

  • Google and Bing

    In Australia, it generally makes sense using Google as your primary advertising platform. You can add Bing as well to cover more of your target segment.

  • Price per click

    There is an auction system built in and the price for click depends well on the competition for that keyword. Also, your performance affects it and having your ad more efficient means decreasing the price per click.

  • Budget

    The budget can be set as a day, week or month budget and can start from a few hundreds of AUD per month to several thousand for bigger projects.

  • Works with SEO

    You can (and should) try PPC in parallel with SEO. As your search engine organic visibility improves, you can start decreasing your PPC budget.

PPC Campaign

Setting up a campaign
$650 one-time

We help you with PPC. Usually, other companies tend to charge a monthly ongoing fee as well for monitoring and adjustments. With us, you only pay the initial fee and everything else is included. The maximum length of project within this offer is 6 months. This offer applies to Pay Per Click campaign in Google.

  • Defining relevant keywords
  • Measuring positions in search results for these keywords
  • Using selected keywords in the campaign
  • Creating campaign elements
  • Setting up budget
  • Monitoring and adjustments
  • Monthly reporting

PPC in Google

Get into the Top of Search Results with Google AdWords

PPC in Bing

Advertising with Bing has sense: A lot of people search in Bing and there is usually lower competition compared to Google.

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