Every Website Needs SEO

You might know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Every website needs SEO. Why is that? People are searching for your company name, products, references and other information and you would agree that it is desired that they find the link to your website when looking for it.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites that are displayed when searching for relevant keywords and they are ranked 1 to X in Google (and other search engines). Only the first websites get the real traffic, however. The first three positions get between 50-75% of the clicks and the rest is split between the other 7 results on the first page. The websites listed on the second page and later get under 2% of the traffic shared amongst them. Therefore, it is crucial for you being in “TOP10” of the search results and the higher the better.

Initial SEO

The secret of SEO lies in knowing the factors Google uses to rank websites in search results. When we finish a web design and development project, “our” website already features a basic SEO. When starting an SEO project for your website, we need to check all the factors that might affect its rankings. We start with selecting the keywords we will focus on. Then we need to examine the situation on your website from the point of view of the content structure, content quality and quantity, using possible locations to place the keywords, the speed of your website, its responsiveness and fulfilling of dozens of technical factors that are important for search engines. All of this will be done within the initial SEO Pack we recommend to start with. Here, we will also outline future steps to be taken and one of its most important parts is introducing restructuring of the content and identifying content needs that will be met in the second part of the project – the implementation.

How to Improve Positions in Search

SEO Implementation Project

During the project, we will measure your positions in search engines results page to determine the progress. It is a good sign if your position for a keyword improves let’s day from 51 to 25. It does mean we are on the desired path to further increase the ranking. You are still getting almost zero traffic from this keyword, but it is an indicator we are doing a good job. Therefore, we measure all positions for all keywords and aim at getting your website into TOP10 and later TOP3 of search results wherever possible.

SEO and PPC – How Do They Get On Together?

If we talk about SEO, we mean the organic rankings. The SEO project is long-term and takes usually months. However, not to lose money and business, it is crucial for you to be placed on top of search results from the beginning. Thus, PPC (Pay Per Click) comes to the scene offering you the chance being amongst first results within minutes/hours. PPC and SEO go hand in hand like a bride and a groom. You can read about how PPC and SEO work together or just ask us how to get most of this marriage between the two most important tools of search engine marketing

Ak us about SEO analysis today and start improving your positions

SEO from Catnapweb

We are very diligent when it comes to SEO. It is our passion working with your content and monitoring the progress. We celebrate when your keywords get to TOP10 and TOP3. We know a lot about Google algorithms and will use it in your favour. With every client, we start with an SEO analysis to know exactly where we stand and what needs to be done. After that, we start an SEO implementation project where we aim at improving the content, structure, technical aspects of the website, usability and website relevance to boost the rankings. Clients love our attitude – try us as well!

Initial SEO Pack

Know the status quo and the way to improve
$1400 one-time

The aim is to define status quo and prepare realistic recommendations to achieve set goals.

  • Defining relevant keywords
  • Measuring positions in search results for these keywords
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical factors
  • Usability analysis
  • Mapping of content to keywords
  • Filling in meta data for all pages
  • Defining steps to be taken in the implementation project

SEO Implementation

Apply changes to go up in rankings
$1250 monthly

Focus on onsite SEO, however, we do not forget about possible technical and usability issues, along with strengthening general importance of the domain. Recommend to last 6+ months.

  • Content structure
  • Updating existing content
  • Placement of keywords
  • Generating new content
  • Improving usability
  • Increasing speed of the website
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Internal and external links

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