Website That Can Be Found in Search Engines

Yes, the website is still the centre of all your marketing efforts. And not only digital channels go back to your website finally. Also, the traditional or above-the-line communication channels need to have support in a quality website. People use to Google your company and services so often and they might finish browsing your website before you realise that.

There are so many companies developing websites. And there are so many websites that do not work for their owners. The first set of conditions for a successful website is usually met by other companies as well: A good website is one that is usable, nice, informative, and responsive (looks good and usable on all devices including tablets and mobile phones). You can read more on what a good website should have these days in our advice article. The other part is not so easy: It needs to have a good amount of quality content structured in such a way that not only your visitors find the relevant information but also search engines know that you are one of the best places on the world wide web writing about this topic.

Good Website Needs Good Content

Everything comes back to content eventually. Having a good content is the most difficult part of doing a website project. You might have experienced it. Your web development company was working on a concept, maybe they required some inputs from you. They created a web design and you approved it. Then they developed a beta version of the website and you could have a look at it. And then they requested all the content from you so they could fill it in. And if they have copywriters, they might help you with some parts or polish the texts you deliver. But how are you supposed to deliver the content? You are not specialised on content writing. Sure, you know a lot about your business but it is so hard to find time to put it on the paper. You can’t even tell your colleagues to do it – it would never happen. We have seen this so many times. Struggling to create the content. And if the client finally writes something, it might be not the best text that also your visitors and Google would recognise.

Web Design and Development by Catnapweb

Thus, our approach is different. We take every input you have at the beginning of the website design project, e.g. your brochures, leaflets, old website texts, videos, and other materials, discuss with you if you are happy to add or create anything else and just simply do the rest. We will learn more about your business, discuss with you, explore your competition, and deliver such online presentation that would be optimal for you and for our future SEO work. And we can help you creating a lot of content easily without any extra effort. You can turn your day’s work into so much new content you could use in your website or marketing communication over the next months. Ask us how.

Get a website from us today for a great price – only $4290

And when we talk about search engines, we make sure that your website is optimised for search engines. It is the first and very important step in ensuring your prospective customers will find you. There are so many requirements that a website needs to meet to perform well in Google (and Bing / Yahoo). The core is the content and its structure, but there are dozens of other not so visible things. We cover all of them, so your website is fast, has a valid XML sitemap, uses relevant keywords in locations important for your users and search engines, utilises the full potential of images and other multimedia. We have one small test for you, which you might find interesting and funny. It might take you less than 1 minute to complete it. Let me explain:

We know that the image filenames are important for SEO and for your business. Why is that? Because the name of images on your website determine how Google sees them (yes, he still cannot read the graphics himself to know there is a pool on the picture). Thus, if you name the picture xntyhd500.jpg, Google does not know a lot from it. And what happens if your website visitor saves this picture to his computer? It will be saved as xntyhd500.jpg to his hard drive. If he returns to it later, he might not know what website was the picture from and he may fail to remember the name of your business. But if you name the file let’s say Compass-Pool-Centre-Newcastle_X-Trainer-Fibreglass-Pool-Installation_Toronto_20161105.jpg, Google would know that this picture belongs to Compass Pool Centre Newcastle and it depicts an installation of a fibreglass pool in Toronto suburb of Newcastle. And this same information will have your prospective customer when he saves this picture to his flash or hard drive. (And yes, there are other parameters such as image alt tag and title, but let’s do not consider these now).

Quick Test: Is Your Website Really Optimised?

So back to the test, it has only three quick steps:

  • Go to any website you wish (your existing website or any other), click on any image you choose with right mouse button and select “Save image as” option in the context menu (or save the image by other means – it is different in mobile phones for example). Check how the picture is named – the filename.
  • Go to a website from our portfolio, the one we created, and do the same.
  • Was the picture name optimised in the first case? And was it in the second?

We are confident that ALL the pictures we uploaded while creating our clients’ websites are fully optimised. But if you find a filename that is not, it might have been the client uploading new content and not sticking to our recommendations. But because we care about our clients’ businesses also after the project handover, let us know about your finding through this simple form. We will verify it and help put our client get back on track with picture filenames. And we have a reward for you as well for taking this test and letting us know: If you decide to work with us, you can select any of our services and get a 5% discount from prices displayed in the price list. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check some websites and picture filenames now!

Need to Design a New Website or Just Help with an Existing One?

We can help you with your existing website as well. If it is a WordPress website, we offer you a service of taking the website under our administration. How does it work? We would need logins to your WordPress administration along with your Cpanel logins. We examine your website, run a series of tests and determine its setup and current state. We might come with some ideas for future improvements after this step is finished. Then we will setup an automated backup system for your website, create the first backup and update your WordPress core and all plugins to the most recent version. This will ensure your website is not vulnerable to attacks and your data are safe. From now on, you can discuss any functional or content upgrades with us and also, we strongly recommend you sign up for the ongoing maintenance package so your website is continually monitored and updated.

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Website Design and Development

Brand new website for your company or product
$4290 one-time
  • Website with new attractive looks
  • Structure optimised for users and search engines
  • Reuse of existing content and add new one
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Call to Actions to capture new leads
  • Basic onsite SEO
  • WordPress content management system to add new content easily

Ongoing Maintenance

Keep your website functional and secure
$320 yearly

By keeping your WordPress core and plugins up-to-date, you not only ensure that you have always access to the latest functionality built into them, but more importantly, your website remains secure. Attackers are trying to get control over your website or part of it which can result in your website being used as a routing server for email spam, data misuse, data loss and domain blacklisting. Sign up for an ongoing maintenance with us and we will ensure that your website remains up-to-date and thus more secure.

  • The price includes:
    Continuous monitoring of your website and updates at least 4 x per year

Take-over of a Website

Let us manage your existing website
$390 one-time

We will take-over the administration of your running website including:

  • Initial diagnostics
  • Analysis of technical aspects
  • Security checkup
  • Setup of an automated backup system
  • Performing a backup
  • Updating WordPress core and all plugins
  • Introducing ideas on possible improvements

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